Certifier of Construction Scheme, Scotland

The Scottish Government Building Standards Division manages The Certification Register - the only authoritative source to find Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers of Construction. Used by clients, homeowners and local authorities, successful applicants to this scheme will appear on this register. 

Certifier of Construction SBSC Registered Contractors are called Approved Bodies and employ at least on Certifiers Of Construction(COC). The COC is an existing Qualified Supervisor and is assessed as competent against the requirements of Building (Scotland) Regulations. An Approved Body has to be registered as an NICEIC Approved Contractor first and either be based in Scotland or undertake an additional assessment in Scotland.  

Benefits of registration: 

An Approved Body can offer benefits to their customers which are not available through the non-registered route.
  • A reduced Warrant fee  

  • The local authority Building Standards departments, who function as Verifiers under this scheme, must accept a valid certificate of construction relating to the electrical installation work performed as a record of compliance with the Building (Scotland) Regulations. This means that the certificated installation does not require additional checks by the local authority Verifiers. This can result in more efficient processes of construction and certification overall, benefiting all parties involved.  

  • NICEIC have created a single Certificate of Construction exclusively for businesses registered on the Certifier of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671) scheme. It can be issued to both your customers and the local authority which is available via the NICEIC online certification and reporting system. At a cost of £1+VAT each, the single certificate is accepted by local authorities (Verifiers) across Scotland as a valid record of compliance with BS 7671 and Building (Scotland) Regulations (2004).  


Scheme requirements

  •  There is no extra cost for the Certifier of Construction certification where the business is located in Scotland. Where the business is not located in Scotland a chargeable half day site assessment will be required in Scotland to assess compliance with the Certifier of Construction Scheme Rules and understanding of Building (Scotland) Regulations
  •  The business must be a NICEIC Approved Contractor  
  •  The business must have been successfully assessed within the last year on the Approved Contractor Scheme (applicant or surveillance) 
  •  The business must be able to comply with the NICEIC Certifier of Construction Scheme Rules  
  •  The proposed Certifier of Construction must be the Business' Approved Contractor Scheme Qualified Supervisor