Code of Conduct

Working together - what you can expect of us and what we expect of you.

Everyone at NICEIC is committed to technical excellence, raising standards, and delivering first-class customer service.  Should you need us, we will assist you in a courteous and professional manner. Our Code of Conduct sets out this promise and details what we expect of you in return.

Our Code of Conduct helps to:

  • allow you and us to work in a safe, professional and abuse-free environment
  • ensure we can dedicate the appropriate resource, time and priority to you
  • get the best possible outcome for all parties involved
  • ensure the industry, NICEIC, and the work of NICEIC-certified buinesses is not brought into disrepute.

Our commitment to you:

  • we will address your need in accordance with our processes
  • we will be fair and impartial throughout
  • we will endeavour to resolve your needs in an expedient and thorough manner
  • we will endeavour to maintain communication with you throughout
  • we will abide by our privacy policy and confidentiality agreements.

Your commitment to us:

  • understand there are issues outside of our remit and authority, which may not be able to be resolved to your satisfaction
  • agree to recognise and abide by the outcomes of our processes

Our commitments to each other:

  • be respectful
  • allow reasonable timeframes to respond to correspondence
  • don't withhold information or fail to specify the grounds for a complaint
  • cooperate fully with investigations.


Contravention of the Code of Conduct is not taken lightly. If a breach of our Code of Conduct has occurred, a full review will be completed by the appropriate team. We will communicate with you in writing confirming our actions and the reasons for doing so. This may result in a restriction of communication to a certain format or member of staff, cessation of communication, closure of relevant accounts or deregistration.

You have the right to appeal Code of Conduct certification affecting decisions, these will be reviewed by an impartial individual(s) who have not previously been involved in the process.