New consumer campaign to promote electrical safety and NICEIC certified businesses

NICEIC launches consumer campaign to highlight the dangers of electrical DIY and the importance of using NICEIC certified businesses

Photo of Debbie Shields
Debbie Shields | Communications Manager
NICEIC, the UK's leading certification body for the electrical industry, has announced the launch of an exciting new campaign aimed at educating householders about making safe choices when it comes to their home electrics.

With a clear mission to raise awareness about the risks associated with DIY electrics and the importance of using NICEIC certified businesses, the campaign aims to influence consumer behaviour at critical moments.

"We know our customers are looking to us to do more to help educate the public on the risks associated with DIY electrics and the importance of using an NICEIC certified business," said NICEIC's Marketing Director, Amanda Faulkner.

"One way of achieving this is to increase NICEIC's visibility in the online spaces householders visit when making decisions about their home electrics. This campaign, along with others in the pipeline, aims to do exactly that."

Kicking off in September, the month-long, UK-wide activity will focus on householders who are 'searching for an electrician in their local area' and those who are venturing into the risky business of 'searching for online electrical DIY tutorials'.
Covering multiple online channels, campaign content will be shared across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google.

Simple yet impactful, the campaign breaks away from traditional advertising and centres around NICEIC's very own "how-to videos" which are intentionally designed to resemble other online tutorials.

However, a unique twist is revealed as the presenter prepares to demonstrate the task in question, he stops and states the safest way to perform the job is not to do it at all. At this point, the NICEIC Find a Trusted Tradesperson tool appears on screen showing viewers how to search for their closest NICEIC certified business.

Faulkner continues, "By disrupting consumer behaviour at key moments, we aim to not only make householders think twice about undertaking DIY electrics but also to consider the smart and safe choice, which is to search for an NICEIC certified business."

With a two-pronged approach, the campaign will also target those actively searching for an electrical business in their area. Research shows that these individuals typically end up on comparison sites.

By focusing on popular search terms used by householders in key geographical locations, the campaign will ensure that NICEIC's content is displayed at vital moments, directing householders once again to NICEIC's Find a Trusted Tradesperson tool.

Lesley Rudd, chief executive of the UK’s leading electrical safety charity, Electrical Safety First, lent her support to the campaign, adding:
“Carrying out electrical work in your home without the knowledge, skills and experience puts you and your family’s safety at risk. 
Using a certified business such as those registered with NICEIC is always the safest choice. We’re therefore delighted to support NICEIC’s campaign, which aims to protect the public and promote electrical safety.”

Campaign Insights

Several compelling insights have driven the development of this campaign:
· Year-on-year search volumes for DIY electrical jobs have surged from 168,000 to 228,000, possibly due to economic pressures and lingering pandemic effects. - Similarweb
· A 2022 study by the National Electrical Contractors Association indicated that over 10 million UK residents turn to YouTube for electrical DIY tutorials. -- NECA's 2022 State of the Electrical Industry Report
· A British Electrical Contractor's Association survey unveiled that 60% of UK adults have attempted electrical DIY, with only 40% feeling confident in their abilities. Electrical Contractor's Association survey
· A staggering 62% of respondents believe they can undertake some or all electrical work at home.- Electrical Safety First survey
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