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About the campaign 

Electrical work can be dangerous if not done properly, yet many homeowners are still unaware of the importance of using a qualified, registered electrician.   

Every year, hundreds of people are affected by the consequences of electrical works done by unqualified professionals.  

That's why, at the start of September we launched our campaign to raise awareness among those looking to undertake domestic electrical work on the importance of only using NICEIC certified businesses. 

We’ve been busy showing a variety of adverts on Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and a range of other websites which direct consumers to our “Find a trusted tradesperson” search tool.   

And so far, we’ve had some great results: 

  • In the first two weeks of the campaign going live, we've witnessed a jaw-dropping 64% surge in Google searches for "NICEIC approved contractor" and "NICEIC domestic installer." This increase in interest proves that the message is landing and that more householders are making the smart choice to actively seek out businesses like yours. 
  • Our attention-grabbing "how-to videos" with a twist are working hard too, racking up over 55,000 views and counting! 

Due to the fantastic response, we're not stopping! Instead of wrapping things up this month, we're pushing ahead with selected activity into the new year. This extension means we'll reach even more homeowners, driving home the importance of electrical safety and the need for NICEIC certified businesses. 

And don’t forget, you can still help us spread the word and get even more householders on board

You can see our campaign video by tuning in to our YouTube. 

Male in household holding mobile phone, showcasing website to find a trusted tradesperson. Whilst tradesman in red polo shirt undertakes electric work.

Close-up male hands install a socket with a screwdriver. Finishing work in a new apartment. The man is installing electrical wiring. Home repair and installation of electrical outlets on the wall using a professional tool.

How else can you support the campaign? 

Come back later in the month for an update on how the campaign is helping to drive awareness.