Publications and Pocket Guides

NICEIC Certification offer the following publications and gas pocket guides through our direct team we are able to offer NICEIC certification approved assessment centres the following on-site guides and learner guides at a generous discount off the list price:
·       Domestic Gas Safety On-Site Guide
·       Non-Domestic Gas Safety On-Site Guide
·       LPG On-Site Guide
The following gas pocket guides (PGG) are available upon request at no extra cost to NICEIC certification approved assessment centres:

·       PGG1 - Guide to positioning of Combustion Analyser Probes
·       PGG2 - Tightness Testing Domestic Installations
·       PGG3 - Gas Rates
·       PGG4(A) - A guide to domestic pipe sizing (single appliance - NG)
·       PGG4(B) - A guide to domestic pipe sizing (multiple appliances - NG)
·       PGG5 - Open flued appliances installed in a room
·       PGG6 - Commissioning - checking and recording CO levels
·       PGG7 - Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive
·       PGG8 - Protective equipotential bonding of gas installation pipework in domestic premises