Having improvement works carried out in your home?  

Choosing an NICEIC registered business is the smart move. Not only can you be reassured that your chosen business is assessed regularly to ensure their work complies with the latest regulations, but you also benefit from NICEIC’s Platinum Promise. 

What is the Platinum Promise?  

Put simply, our Platinum Promise is an extra layer of protection. In the unlikely event that an NICEIC registered business carries out work which turns out to be non-compliant and they have ceased trading, we will step in*.  

At no extra cost to you, we will employ another NICEIC registered business to come in and fix the issue. It is that simple. 

* terms and conditions apply. To learn more, please click here

Need to make a claim?

We aim to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible, but we will require a few things from you. 

  1. We will need evidence that all other avenues, such as home insurances and other warranties, have been explored 

  1. We will also need copies of invoices, receipts/proof of payment relating to the works carried out 

Once you have gathered the above, you will need to complete our complaints form. When completed, the form and all supporting documents should be emailed to complaints@certsure.com.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your claim, our teams will take over. An investigation will take place, and we will be back in touch to advise you of the outcome. Should your claim be successful, our team will appoint a NICEIC registered business to visit your home to rectify the issue. 

A few important notes:

As stated above, full terms and conditions do apply and can be found here. However, for ease of reference, some of the key conditions are shown below: 

  • NICEIC’s Platinum Promise is only applicable if the certified business (the contractor who carried out the work) is no longer trading 

  • Our Platinum Promise is limited to work relating to domestic properties carried out within the last six years. 

  • Claims are also limited to a maximum value of £25,000 or up to the evidenced paid value of the contract/invoice, whichever is less.

  • We do not provide an ‘emergency service response’. You should consider an alternative route if your claim relates to an immediate safety risk. 

  • You must provide clear evidence of the issues relating to the work before a claim can be accepted. 

  • Claims associated with general maintenance or lack of certification/notification are not covered and are the homeowner's responsibility.