BLOG | Can't find a downloadable version of the NICEIC logo?

Read our blog on how we protect the NICEIC brand and logo usage.

Photo of Debbie Shields
Debbie Shields | Communications Manager

It's not a mistake; it is deliberate….. 


To protect NICEIC Certified Businesses and to uphold the technical integrity of the badge and all who display it, our branding is safely kept under lock and key and can only be accessed by those who have earned the right to use it. 

If you are certified by NICEIC, you can download our full asset pack via your customer portal,  In the unlikely event you have any issues logging into the portal, give us a call on 0333 015 6625, and one of the team will be happy to help. 

So why is the NICEIC badge so sought after? – Chris Day of May Day Solutions London gives us his take on why the NICEIC badge is such a desired possession.  

"Put simply, displaying the NICEIC logo is the ultimate seal of approval for businesses operating in the building services industry.  

“Providing that essential third-party validation, it proves that the work we deliver is of the highest standard and that our technical knowledge is up to scratch. 

"Often a prerequisite for tenders for large-scale projects, we view our NICEIC certification as a must-have business tool. Equally for our domestic clients seeing the NICEIC logo provides that added reassurance which is so important when dealing with matters of safety in the home." 

With this in mind, we hope you understand why we take extra precautions when it comes to our brand materials. By doing so, not only do we protect our certified businesses, but we also safeguard consumers who look to the brand for reassurance and peace of mind.